Living, Learning

Home isn't what it used to be. But we aren't complaining about it.

You are a visitor to what was once the hub of your escapades and naivete, the place you returned to- or were returned to- every time you ran away. You have lived alone so long that you gloat with your newfound sense of freedom, the beginnings of adulthood; you don't see why you have to slink into your room when you trespass your curfew or be answerable for your actions. You revel, get drunk, let the freedom go to your head. What you looked forward to all those years is now in your grasp, you are your own person, you decide your life.

There are the momentary lapses, the forays into insanity that make you want desperately that home as you once knew it. With Mother and Father in it. When you want to be a child again and have Them make decisions for you, to give you your lines when you're at a loss for words, to obliterate the signs of your misdoings with their wisdom and powers of persuasion.

A few years on, you're going back in time, metamorphosing into those people you once knew so well; imbued with the same excessive concern that you then interpreted as interference, you are now imparting it to people who will talk back to you and laugh scornfully at you behind your back. It doesn't matter, though – it's just age, and you'll soon grow wiser with it- and to its tricks, if you can only withstand them. Life comes full circle with aplomb.

Home isn't physical. It isn't a place endowed with the constancy of time and space. It is where you find what you have always sought, in a shack by the rocky reef or on the remote mountain amidst the clouds.

Life isn't as gloomy as we love to make it sound, is it? There are people, vacations, and if you're materialistically bent, presents, to look forward to. Spread the optimism. Come home to your life.

Living away from home has put a number of things into perspective- like knowing how to appreciate what has been and looking forward to what is in store. And yes, learning to live in the present.


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  1. Lovely piece of writing!

  2. Thanks Mythri…glad you liked it.

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