GPT partitions

If you happen to format or operate your hard disk on a 64 bit operating system like Mac or Windows Vista – beware, on plugging the same on a 32bit operating system like Windows XP, you will be unable to view your disk as you would do normally. By which I mean that, your HDD will appear in the Device Management tool in the Control panel and not as a drive under “My Computer” as you would expect it to.

Another one of those Microsoft harebrained nuances that wreck your holidays and bring your popularity index down from the favorite chettai(elder bro) to earth in no time.

Is it fixable? yes.

But do take a backup before you do anything and follow the steps mentioned here. If nothing works – you can let out a loud exasperated “What the eff?” (much to the annoyance of your relatives) and blame it all on your OS.

Luckily , I had plenty of relatives to visit and cake to hog that I ran short of time at the end of my 5 day vacation.


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