Photoshop Plugins

Half the fun in Photoshop, are the plugins. And the other half, are the third-party plugins.

There’s a whole galaxy of them out there, designed to make life easier for photographers, graphic designers and executives too.

Here are a few of the cool ones I’ve tried.

India Ink

indiaink-screenshotEver wondered how you’d look like if you were a newspaper action comic-strip hero? This, can help.
Super-simple interface, and yet beautiful results. Trust me, you can “Threshold” and “Posterize” and “Cutout” in Photoshop for hours, and still not come any closer to what you’ll get with India-Ink.


Plain Old Me Illustrated diagram, like what you’d see in your school biology textbooks I, the Newspaper-comic hero


luce-screenshot Another easy-to-use plugin, Luce is great for turning parts of your image into light sources. This beats the standard PS Radial Blur by a mile. And a hundred.
Nifty, what you can do with Luce and a few simple shapes.


Before After

Here, I’ve used Luce in different degrees, and clubbed them together.


[Animated GIF rendered in Flash MX]


lunarcell-screenshotGo wild and dream up planets with this plugin. Seriously super stuff. With the many sliders, you can adjust land complexity, craters, sea level, atmosphere, cloud cover et cetera et cetera. You can even download real-time cloud data and have it rendered.


Earth, wholly rendered in LunarCell The Moon Cybertron – or any other hostile planet of your choice


solarcell-screenshotSolarCell is your very own Star Builder. Oh yea. Green dwarves, ochre Giants, psychedelic supernovae, you name it. And it doesn’t stop there. SolarCell allows for more flamboyant light displays. Headlights. Fireworks. Explosions. The works.



Play God. Flood the world. Here’s how.

flood-screenshot “Flood” helps you generate bodies of lying water on your images, with settings for waviness, complexity, perspective and altitude, for enhanced photorealism. You gotta hand it to the people who made this (Flaming Pear FTW!): “Flood” is sheer brilliance.


Before After

All this, and more great plugins for everyone, here.


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