Evil Doctors from Outer Space

Humor me for a minute.

You are Captain to a ship. Not just any ship: you are at the helm of a spaceship. You explore other star systems, you chase comets, you Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before.

Somewhere in the vast emptiness of space, Your Science Team brings you big news: the Planet you’ve just discovered has life. What is more, intelligent life.

What would you do?

Would you make clandestine sojourns into the planet, and pick on unwitting beings, perform all manner of (supposedly) experiments upon them, and then take them back, but not before wiping out their memories?

Or would you at least try and make contact?

This, is the problem I have with Alien Abduction Stories. Why would a superior civilization traveling halfway across the Universe tiptoe around and try so hard to keep a low profile? Okay, maybe they’ve been studying humans for a while, and they’ve come to believe that men have this itch to shoot anything that moves, and a flying saucer from Outer Space, to them, is like the perfect target practice for their missiles and Nuclear Warheads.

But still!

Alien Abduction accounts run to the millions. If some contestible sources are to be believed, at least 5-6% of the world population have been abducted. That’s a lot of humans. And yet we have never been able to confirm their existence.

Even the high-profile cases, like the Betty and Barney Hill Incident (1961) emphasize the aliens’ maddening elusiveness. The big question is: why? Another big question is: how? Despite all our machines and our computers and our technology that can plot the course of an asteroid to the tenth of an inch, why can’t we pick up extraterrestrial activity on earth, vis-a-vis giant flying saucers with flashing lights that are hard to miss?

And then there’s the nature of the abduction. Many claim medical examinations were done upon them, a lot of which were penetrative, and even sexual. Antonio Villas Boas, a farmer in Brazil, even claimed that he had had sexual intercourse with an otherworldly ‘female’, in 1957.

As much as I want to believe in extraterrestrial visitation, the evidence, and the credibility of the sources are questionable, and quite disheartening.

I grew up on the legend of The Roswell UFO Incident, and I fervently hoped that, one day, the US would change their policy on keeping alien activity classified and throw open the information to the eager public.

I didn’t know what a Conspiracy Theory was, back then.

Amid reports of the US Military coming clean in the ‘90s (well after the Cold War hostilities, I might add) that the “Roswell spaceship”, was just debris from a crashed experimental balloon of a military program Project Mogul, there are a hundred conspiracy buffs out there, who still believe this is a huge cover-up by the Government.


I am sure, intelligent life from another part of the Universe, who wield the technology to come all the way here, needn’t skulk in the shadows and stalk their prey.


They want to study our planet, our species, our characteristics. To Know The Enemy. Maybe they realize our weapons can hurt them. Maybe they want things to be as clean and painless as possible.

Observe. Infiltrate…then exterminate.

I need sleep.


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