woo hoo!!

India has very few places, where you would be coaxed to ride faster than you usually do.And the run-in period of the crotch rocket that you own(ignoring the manufacturer here) is one wrong time to be on the Electronic City “freeway”.It’s a wrong done to your self esteem.

You have in-your-face circular speed signs at regular intervals, with “80” pasted on them, encircled with paint from 3-inch wide brush .You look down and realize that you are doing a mere 55.Grandpa-interstate-buses that should rather be museum pieces overtake you.And what do you do?

You keep telling yourself – “Patience, my friend,patience.”

Till ‘that’ bus(overloaded and decked with garlands,final run??) overtakes you and a cheeky kid pops his head out and waves a mocking “bye-bye”. He could be Sreeshant’s replacement or even son, who knows?

And then, you lose it and do what Colin McRae does best i.e. “pedal to the metal”.The bus and its lifeforms are soon a fading nightmare in your rearview mirror and you say a Hi to the latest record on your virgin speedometer. 113kph!


About airborne

Likes grilled meat with good beer. And some.

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