It’s a small world

“We are bound to bump into somebody we know!” My friend said as we entered the Select City Mall.

He was right. After all, the place is like an air-conditioned cocoon for the upper middle class of Delhi. And there are fewer of us, than the rush at these places makes it seem.

But this blog isn’t about a mall. This is about how I used to be fascinated by the phrase “It’s a small world” and how it gradually came to be ruptured.

I had invited a few of my school friends and my college friends over, so that they could wish me on my birthday, the good old way, rather than write it on a wall. Soon, we discovered that my college friend Amrita’s friend was classmates with my school friend Rohit all the way in a University in the US. This phenomenon of discovering mutual friends is now an everyday event thanks to Facebook, Orkut etc

So what is it? Is there some primal pheromone release that attracts likeminded souls to each other? Is every recent addition to your friend list already connected to you, thanks to some Coehelian conspiracy? Is the Universe really plotting?

That’s what I thought…until yet another one of my friends pointed out that these are no accidental meetings. Those who can afford courses in foreign universities, Internet, clothes which let you pass through the glass doors of malls… make up such a small part of society that it is no surprise we brush shoulders a lot of the time. When we say it’s a small world, what we are referring to is not the world, but the bubble that we live in because we have the resources to do so. (I googled ‘it’s a small world’ and one of the top five hits was for a club with the tagline: “A private online community designed for those who already have strong connections with one another. By invitation only.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably one of the invited ones. The world we live in is such a club. You keep running into friends at events, institutions. Someone you know knows someone else you know. This goes on endlessly. But you’ll probably never have mutual friends with your driver, gardener or maid, never run into them at a ball. Even Cinderella needed to get all decked up before she was allowed into the ball. Too bad fairy godmothers are so few and far between.


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Plot summary : Eccentric girl fresh out of film school. She awaits her debut and meanwhile writes and makes love to the world. The end.

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